Cranial Nerve Mnemonic For Harry Potter Lovers

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Harry Potter is a nice series of movies, being loved and highly rated by movies guys. All of the movie guys have had watched harry potter once in a life. Watching harry potter was also a good experience for me. I loved many of the characters in it.

Cranial Nerve Mnemonic For Harry Potter Lovers

As far as cranial nerve mnemonics are concerned, there are many types of mnemonics. One I am including here is having some the characters of harry potter movie in it.

Lets have a look at the mnemonic.

  • On, On, On, They Traveled And Found Voldemort Guarding Very Ancient Horcruxes.

This is in order for 12 cranial nerves, from olfactory to hypoglossal nerve. Just memorize the mnemonic and all of the cranial nerves will be in your mind, all conceptually.

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