Cranial Nerve Mnemonics On Old Olympus

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Another famous cranial nerve mnemonic for better memory of cranial nerve is available there. There are hell of mnemonics for all 12 cranial nerves. All of these are having different origin and interest. Some are dirty while others are clean. Many among them are easy to remember while other arose the interest of people so thats get better for rote. All of the mnemonics have the same criteria that first letter will be assigned to the cranial nerve in sequence. All the cranial nerves are in sequence. This become easy to memorize all cranial nerves accordingly.

So Here is the mnemonic of an old Olympus

  • On Old Olympus’ Towering Top A Fin, A German, Viewed A Hop

All of these cranial nerves have different area of distribution and function. Its better to get memory of all cranial nerves in sequence. Then it become easy to study their functions and other stuff like that.

After breaking down the mnemonic  On Old Olympus’ Towering Top A Fin, And German, Viewed A Hop.

We will be getting acknowledging to twelve cranial nerves.


  1. On is mnemonic for Olfactory Nerve.
  2. Old (2nd) is mnemonic for Optic Nerve.
  3. Olympus (3rd) is mnemonic for Oculomotor Nerve.
  4. Towering is mnemonic for Trochlear Nerve.
  5. Top is mnemonic for Trigeminal Nerve.
  6. A is mnemonic for Abducens Nerve.
  7. Fin is mnemonic for Facial Nerve.
  8. Viewed is mnemonic for Vestibulocochlear Nerve.
  9. German is mnemonic for Glossopharyngeal Nerve.
  10. Viewed is mnemonic for Vagus Nerve.
  11. A is mnemonic for Accessory Nerve.
  12. Hop is mnemonic for Hypoglossal Nerve.

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