Cranial Nerve Mnemonics That Are Not Dirty | Simple Mnemonics For 12 Cranial Nerves

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Dirty cranial nerves are made for easy memory of the concepts. While some people dont mind it. While if you do, we have some different list of mnemonics for all of cranial nerves. After a list of many dirty mnemonics, let have a nice and simple cranial nerve which is not as dirty as I explained in previous articles of mine.

On, On, On, They Traveled And Found Voldemort Guarding Very Ancient Horcruxes.

On is mnemonic for Olfactory Nerve.
On (2nd) is mnemonic for Optic Nerve.
On (3rd) is mnemonic for Oculomotor Nerve.
They is mnemonic for Trochlear Nerve.
Traveled is mnemonic for Trigeminal Nerve.
And is mnemonic for Abducens Nerve.
Found is mnemonic for Facial Nerve.
Voldemort is mnemonic for Vestibulocochlear Nerve.
Guarding is mnemonic for Glossopharyngeal Nerve.
Very is mnemonic for Vagus Nerve.
Ancient is mnemonic for Accessory Nerve.
Horcruxes is mnemonic for Hypoglossal Nerve.

All of these cranial nerves are sequenced in actual manner, so that it should be memorized easily. Just remember the mnemonic and you will be able to memorize the sequence as well.

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