Essential Amino Acids Mnemonic

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What Are Amino Acids

Essential amino acids

amino acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. We eat a lot of proteins and other nutrients in the body lie carbohydrate, starch etc. Which are broken down by our digestive system and then absorbed via blood stream

What are Essential Amino Acids

Essential amino acids are those amino acids which are not synthesized in the body, so these are must to be taken via outside source. Other wise body may show deficiency in that particular amino acid.

While those amino acids which are synthesized in the body are not that much important to be must taken from outside source.

Out of 20 amino acids, which are famous for making proteins in the body, half them are essential. It is must to memorize them, as to know which one must be looked in our nutritions.

Name of 20 Amino acids:

It is the list of almost all amino acids found in different tissues of human body.

Histidine (H)

Arginine (R)

Alanine (A)
Isoleucine (I)

Cysteine (C)

Aspartic acid (D)

Leucine (L)

Glutamine (Q)

Asparagine (N)
Lysine (K)

Glycine (G)

Glutamic acid (E)
Methionine (M)

Proline (P)

Serine (S)
Phenylalanine (F)

Tyrosine (Y)

Selenocysteine (U)
Threonine (T)

Pyrrolysine* (O)
Tryptophan (W)
Valine (V)

Essential Amino Acids List

Now Coming towards the essential amino acids

Histidine (H)

Isoleucine (I)

Leucine (L)

Lysine (K)

Methionine (M)

Phenylalanine (F)

Threonine (T)

Tryptophan (W)

Valine (V)

Here is the complete list of essential amino acids. Now come towards the mnemonics.

Mnemonics 1 For Essential Amino Acids


P = Phenylalanine

V = Valine

T = Tryptophan

T = Tryptophan
I = Isoleucine
M = Methionine

H = Histidine
A = Arginine
L = Leucine
L = Lysine


Mnemonics 2: For essential amino acids

I love tom very much and perhaps tom love him

Pheny Alanine

The mnemonics can make you ease in memorizing the very crucial and important part of studies. Especially in medicine field, where there is vast field to be covered.

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